Whole Chicken Cut 8 Ways

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Need to save some time getting dinner on the table while little feet run around the kitchen keeping you busy? Then grab one of our pasture raised precut chickens. 

Each chicken is cut eight ways for your convenience – giving you two bone in breasts, two wings, two drumsticks, and two bone in thighs. Your little ones can choose their favorite cut without you having to do any of the cutting yourself! You'll love the ease of preparing this chicken for dinner, and your family will appreciate the extra time you save.

Fed exclusively sunshine, grass, and non-GMO, non-soy feed straight from the heart of Texas, the taste of our pasture raised birds will send your taste buds (and your family's!) on a trip.  Each bite has more Omega-3s and vitamins and minerals due to their life spent munching on lush grasses in our pasture and basking in the sunshine.  That means you’re getting the utmost nutrition to those little feet that distract you at dinnertime!