Leg Quarters

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2 Leg Quarters Per Package

Average Weight - 1.7 LBS

Need an easy way to work in tasty, healthy fats into your family’s dinner rotation? These pasture raised chicken leg quarters are the perfect solution.  Easy to throw in the oven or grill, they pack a nutrition-filled punch.

Fed exclusively sunshine, grass, and non-GMO, non-soy feed straight from the heart of Texas, the taste of our pasture raised birds will send your taste buds (and your family's!) on a trip.  Each bite has more Omega-3s and vitamins and minerals than traditionally raised chicken, due to their life spent munching on lush grasses in our pasture and basking in the sunshine.  So grab a few packages of these leg quarters to crisp up in that oven—your family (and their tummies) will thank you!