Chicken Backs & Stock Bones

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Average Weight - 3.2 LBS

Looking to fight sniffly noses and feverish foreheads? We have the perfect solution! Our pasture raised chicken backs and stock bones are perfect for throwing together that immunity boosting chicken soup or broth.  Just toss a package of these on the stove (or the slow cooker), cover with water, add an onion and a few seasonings and let simmer for several hours. Before you know it, you’ll have a broth perfect to fight off the germs your little ones run into daily.

Fed exclusively sunshine, grass, and non-GMO, non-soy feed straight from the heart of Texas, our pasture raised birds have more Omega-3s and vitamins and minerals than traditionally raised chicken, due to their life spent munching on lush grasses in our pasture and basking in the sunshine. That means these meaty stock bones are the perfect addition to your family’s health routine to combat those persistent little germs.