Bulk Beef - Whole or Side

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We reserve a small number of steers for bulk purchase each year. Our next available bulk steers will be available early March 2023.

This is a nonrefundable deposit for a whole or side (half) beef that will be applied to your final invoice. This deposit reserves your whole or side beef share.

Final prices:

WHOLE BEEF: $7.50/lb for hanging weight.

SIDE (HALF) BEEF: $8.00/lb for hanging weight.

Here is what you can expect:


Average Hanging Weight: 600lbs (up to 650)

Average Price: $4,200

Average Take Home Weight: 360lbs 

Freezer Space Needed: 16-21 cubic feet


Average Hanging Weight (for Whole): 600 lbs (up to 650)

Average Price: $2,250 

Average Take Home Weight: 180 lbs 

Freezer Space Needed: 9-12 cubic feet

What cuts to expect: It usually works out to be about 50% ground, 30% roasts, 20% steaks

Examples of cuts included in our past processing:

Chuck Roasts 
Hanger Steak
Stew meat 
Flat Iron Steak 
Ribeye steaks 
Short ribs
NY strips bone in 
Tenderloin tips 
Sirloin steak kabobs
Rump roasts 
Pikes Peak Roast 
Skirt steak (fajita) 
Flank steak 
Oxtail (if whole is ordered) 
tongue (if whole is ordered) 
Cheek meat
Marrow bones 
Ground Beef - 90/10 - 1 lb packages 
5 lb bag of bones  (knuckles etc) 

How it works:

Once you reserve your whole or side, we will reach out to discuss our standard cut sheet we send the butcher and the processing date. We are happy to work with you to customize your cuts.  There is an average 14-day turnaround time from the processing date. 

Once we receive the hanging weight from the processor and final processing fees, we will send you an invoice for the remaining amount. We offer home delivery (within our delivery radius) any Saturday after the beef is available. Just choose delivery at checkout, and we will coordinate with you to arrange for delivery date.  You are also welcome to pick up on farm or at our free local pick up on Second Saturdays if you prefer.