About Us

Are you concerned about the health of your children and the impact your food choices have on them?

Are you worried about the prevalent use of hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals in today's food production?

Do you hope to provide your family with the strongest building blocks possible against the many illnesses and chronic diseases so common today? 

That's exactly what got us into the farming business. 

sustainable farmers

When we began planning to start a family, we researched and learned the impact nutrition has on our health. Having spent most of our lives eating the Standard American Diet (full of highly processed food), we realized we couldn't continue to do so and provide quality nutrition to ourselves and our children. 

When we switched to traditional foods free of hormones, chemicals, and other additives, we felt so much better. But buying those foods wasn't enough. We wanted to do more.

We decided we wanted to farm--raising animals the right way, out in the sunshine, on grass without any added hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals. 

We are committed to raising on pasture, with plenty of room to roam, each of our animals in a way that ensures the products you purchase from us will fuel your family with the utmost nutrition.

You can rest assured that when you put our meat on your dinner table, your little ones are getting necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy growth.

sustainable farmer

Meet Rachel! When she's not taking care of the Fernandez little, Emory Kate, you can find her updating the website, lending a hand in repairing something on the farm, or chasing a rogue cow. If you have a question or concern, Rachel is the one helping you out. 

regenerative farmer

Meet Alex! There is always something on the farm that needs building, repairing, or moving, and Alex is usually the one out handling it (unless Rachel has him on babysitting duty). He constantly keeps an eye out for ways to improve our systems and make sure everything keeps running smoothly. 

sustainable farming pastured poultry

Meet Emory Kate! The youngest farm hand out here, Emory Kate is department head of cute smiles and distracting coos. She keeps her fellow co-workers on their toes, always reminding us why we farm the way we do!