Need Energy? Try This Amazing Superfood to Get Your Life Back

Did you know energy issues tie back to a lack of nutrients in the body?

Your body needs key vitamins and minerals to function well, and food is the best way to get them. 

Feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out what foods you need to eat to hit all the bases? I've got one food for you that packs such a nutrient-punch, it’s considered one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.

What is this superfood you speak of?

Liver. Say the word and most people will cringe or utter “ew gross.”

For centuries, traditional cultures prized liver as one of the most valuable foods (along with many organ meats!).

In our current culture, we’ve lost the knowledge of food as medicine. (Hmm, wonder why that is? Big Pharma and big food corps perhaps?

Did you know liver used to be recommended by doctors like medicine? Not anymore. For some reason drug companies don’t like healthy people.

(Hmmm, wonder why that is again? Okay okay, I digress onto my soapbox….)

So back to liver.  Especially beef liver.  It’s one of the (if not THE) most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. 

Why is liver so great for you? 

“How in the heck is this strong flavored food so good for me?” you might ask. 

Let’s dive into a few of the reasons liver is so awesome:

  • Excellent source of high-quality protein
  • Nature’s source of vitamin A
  • All the B vitamins, especially B12 (hello energy!)
  • Great source of folic acid 
  • Bioavailable source of iron
  • Micro trace minerals such as copper, zinc, and chromium
  • Contains an anti-fatigue factor
  • Includes CoQ10, a nutrient important for cardio-vascular function

You may recognize the B vitamins and the anti-fatigue factor as a huge reason liver can be a game-changer with your energy levels.  And that’s definitely part of it.

But the real reason liver is such a huge powerhouse when it comes to nutrition is alll the vitamins and minerals mentioned above and how they work together in the body. 

The combination of vitamins and minerals found single-handedly in liver allows your body to actually use each of those vitamins and minerals to do what it needs easily

That means the nutrients your body needs to feel great and thrive go directly to where they need to (AND your body can actually use them without trying to figure out how).

When your body isn’t fighting to figure out how to use something it doesn’t recognize (like synthetic vitamins full of crappy fillers from the store), it can use that energy elsewhere on more important functions like hormonal balance and brain cognition. 

This means you feel better, think better, and have more energy overall. 

So how much liver should you eat to get all these benefits? 

It's great to know how good a food is for you, but how much should you actually eat to see all these benefits? 

One 100-gram serving of beef, lamb, bison, or duck liver, once or twice a week gets your body what it needs to feel great and function well. 100 grams is about 4 ounces or a quarter pound. 

How should you prepare liver?

Here's an easy way to prepare it:

  1. 1lbs liver, sliced
  2. Half pound of bacon
  3. ¼ of medium Onion, diced 
  4. Pasture raised butter - however much you want (preferably from raw butter)
  5. Heat skillet to medium heat
  6. Melt the butter
  7. Add onions and cook until transparent (a few minutes)
  8. Add bacon, wait until desired cook - (are you a slimy, crunchy, or burnt bacon type?!)
  9. Add sliced liver and add some more butter if you like.
  10. Cook until medium or well done.
  11. Eat and enjoy.

The addition of bacon really helps cut the strong flavor of the liver.  The more bacon the better the taste...Because when does bacon not make something better? 

Tip: You can also soak the liver in milk or buttermilk overnight to help cut some of that flavor.

But what if I hate the taste of liver? 

If you’re still struggling with the taste of liver, here's an easy fix: hide it in ground beef.  Usually this would mean you have to grate the liver into your ground beef, which is sorta a pain in the you-know-what.  

But I've got a much easier solution for you.

We’ve recently added a new option to our beef products–ground beef mixed with beef liver and beef heart

This way of eating liver will basically hide it in dishes where you use ground beef (meatballs, burgers, casseroles, you name it). So you get the nutrient punch without even knowing it’s there! 

It’s become our new favorite way to incorporate it. You can check it out here

Are you a liver lover or hater? How do you incorporate it into your meals? Let us know below!

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