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Ready to rediscover the power of your food?

Are you sick of feeling helpless when it comes to your and your family's food?

Do the rising rates of illnesses, ailments, and developmental delays worry you?

That was us a few years ago. So we decided to do something about it and start raising the most nutrient-dense, delicious meats for people just like you.

We are a small family of three (nearly four!) who take immense pride in hand-raising each animal that makes it's way to your dinner table.

We want you empowered with your food choices, not having to rely on the large food system for nourishment. We offer you direct access to how your food is raised, the health benefits it offers, and a special community.

It's time to discover your power in feeding your family again. Join us to finally feel inspired, empowered, and connected to your food.

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Trustworthy Farming Practices You Can Count On

At Abundant Pastures Farm, we are not only passionate about what we put on your family's dinner table, but also the impact that food has on our environment.  We practice sustainable, regenerative agriculture that leaves the earth better than we found it.