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Looking for a better food system?

Are you concerned about antibiotics, GMOs, and chemicals in your family's food today?

Are you worried that your children may encounter the common ailments and chronic diseases so prevalent in today's society?

So were we. When we researched the impact of nutrition on health, we realized that the Standard American Diet, full of highly processed food and sugar, was the reason so many people are sick today. 

Once we made the switch to pasture raised meats, we wanted to do more than just purchase these products--we wanted to raise them ourselves.

So we bought this farm and committed to raise animals on pasture, in the sunshine, with plenty of room to graze and grow without any added hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, or chemicals.

When you buy our meat, you can be sure that it tastes better and provides more powerful nutrition for your family than the options you find in the grocery store. 

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Trustworthy Farming Practices You Can Count On

At Abundant Pastures Farm, we are not only passionate about what we put on your family's dinner table, but also the impact that food has on our environment.  We practice sustainable, regenerative agriculture that leaves the earth better than we found it.